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A second cryptocurrencies ATM was installed by Athena Bitcoin in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this time at the Galería Jardín shopping center located on Florida Street. The device has been operational since Tuesday, October 2, according to Santiago Molins, head of IT and innovation at the Argentine subsidiary of Athena Bitcoin, a U.S. company in charge of manufacturing the well-known Bitcoin ATMs (BATM).

The ATM, located in a crypto store, went live two weeks after the first one was placed. The company plans to install two more machines during October in other parts of the city.

Molins said:

“We effectively installed the second ATM this Tuesday at Galería Jardín, located on Florida Street, the most important pedestrian street in the country and where the exchange houses are. Last month we installed the first equipment and for this month we have an agenda to install three ATMs. That is to say, 2 more ATMs would be missing for October. The idea is that each month we have more ATMs than the previous period, which translates into having 4 or 5 machines every 30 days, approximately.”

The first cryptocurrencies ATM in Argentina was installed last September 19, on the first floor of the Recoleta Urban Mall, explained Molins. On this point, he pointed out that the response of the people has been favorable. He also announced that Athena Bitcoin is currently testing a remote registration on its website so that the user fills out a form and processes the information before going personally to the ATM. This method applies especially when the user wants to use his passport as an identification document.

When asked about the method they use to choose the points of installation of the equipment, Molins explained the following:

“We listen to the proposals of our customers and people interested in hosting an ATM. We are also about to close an agreement with a company for 6 locations, but we haven’t signed it yet.”

The cryptocurrencies commercial ATM allows the buying and selling of bitcoins in exchange for Argentine pesos. The range to carry out the trade ranges from 100 pesos (about 2.5 USD) to 37,000 pesos (about 1000 USD). To carry out the exchange, you only need a national identity card, passport, an e-mail, and a telephone number. The latter is necessary to receive a text message. If the user does not have the phone, he can send an email to Athena Bitcoin to request an access PIN.

The company also has operations in Colombia, where the first ATM of its kind in Latin America was installed in December 2017. Three months later, Athena Bitcoin announced the launch of another self-service equipment for the purchase of bitcoins, in the Centro de Diseño Portobelo building in the northern part of the Colombian capital.