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AirFox, a company that provides payment services using blockchain technology, recently announced a partnership with one of Brazil’s leading companies, Via Varejo.

The partnership with Via Varejo was disclosed in a press release on September 12. The company, which owns one of the country’s leading appliance and furniture retailers and is directly responsible for the Casas Bahia network of stores, will integrate Airfox’s digital banking and e-commerce platforms into the nearly 1,000 network stores throughout Brazil.

According to the press release, customers will now be able to purchase products directly from Casas Bahia using Airfox’s services. The store’s customers will also have access to microloans using the application. The information in the press release also indicates that an application will be available and can be used for depositing and withdrawing money.

Via Varejo

Via Varejo has about 60 million customers and had approximately 6.3 billion USD in sales last year. The company’s data show that it makes at least one million monthly deliveries. Owning Casas Bahia and Pontofrio, two of Brazil’s leading retail stores, the company is one of the largest retailers of electronics and home appliances. It has 900 stores in more than 350 Brazilian cities.


Airfox was founded in 2016 by former Google employees. The company offers financial service by application for smartphones, using blockchain technology.

The company is confident in the partnership with Via Varejo, which will allow the company to offer its solutions to Brazilian customers, in addition to expanding its national customer base.