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Steve Gary Wozniak, often called by the nickname Woz is known across the technology world. From his pioneering works in the personal computer with Steve Jobs to his adventures in data virtualization at Primary Data, Steve Wozniak is a name that the tech world holds in high esteem. The programmer and inventor has seen something revolutionary coming – the blockchain. Woz was recently announced as the co-founder of a blockchain-oriented venture capital fund EQUI Capital according to Verdict.

The move follows Wozniak’s announcement in August this year about his intentions to get involved in the blockchain technology. EQUI Capital, which is built on a blockchain powered system, will focus on changing how blockchain startups and projects are funded. Through their EquiTokens, the venture capital’s token, EQUI Global will champion non-institutional investments in the new and disruptive distributed ledger technology(DLT). It will also give investors the chance to engage in trade on cryptocurrency exchanges using these tokens. The Ethereum blockchain is reported to be the backbone of the EquiTokens.

According to Wozniak, EQUI Global aims to “seek, support, and fund the blockchain and tech stars of tomorrow” and noted that the company has already joined hands with more than 20 businesses that are yet to be officially launched. The Verdict reported that the fund will dedicate 80 percent to technology-based companies and the rest of the 20 percent will go into areas such as art and real estate. EQUI Global will not only fund tech stars but will also expedite the liquidation process in the cryptosphere by leveraging exchanges.

What makes this announcement exciting is that this is the second time Wozniak is getting involved in a project, in 20 years. As somebody who has turned down many requests and offers to join great business ideas, Wozniak sees something coming through the blockchain, and has therefore decided to join the ride. This move also shows that the tech inventor and programmer has gone back on his June 2018 words that blockchain is a dotcom-like bubble that is waiting to burst. But what is clear is that Wozniak is getting into blockchain and the cryptosphere – showing that blockchain is not just pulling institutional investors, but also technology veterans.