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Last week, the city of Monterrey hosted #Bitcoinday_MX, where the Mexican community of cryptocurrencies enthusiasts gathered together. The audience ranged from people who were curious about the subject and wanted to learn more to those already invested and building on blockchain technology.

The event was held at Tecnológico de Monterrey with speakers from the region in attendance, who offered first-hand information to the attendees and provided a space for knowledge and reflection. The speakers discussed a variety of topics, from the most basic to the most complex to explain the technology and its potential. Topics included examples of their applications beyond cryptocurrencies in sectors such as commerce, health, and tourism.

One of the speakers was the co-founder and CEO of Rootstock, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldivar, who said that adoption is “a very big challenge for society, like any first-time technology.” He also pointed out the potential of these tools to generate new capitalization schemes for emerging projects, such as Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Also participating in #Bitcoinday_MX was attorney Heriberto Garza, a regulatory expert at the law firm Santamarina y Steta S.C., who spoke about the new Fintech Law and how it could affect the use of cryptocurrency, in addition to the advent of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Smart contracts, a type of programmable software to execute automated actions under certain conditions, were also discussed. In addition, projects such as U Community, Woonkly, OpenVino, and Alteum were presented at the event.

The Bitcoinday_MX was attended by ConsenSys member Joaquín Moreno, Bitso CEO Pablo González, as well as representatives of other ecosystem initiatives such as Blockchain Academy MX, CryptoMKT, and Koibanx. The event was organized by the Bitcoin Monterrey Community, in collaboration with Blockchain Academy MX, who gave the following workshops: ‘Blockchain for Business’ and ‘Ethereum and Smart Contracts’ in the week before the event.

The next countries on BitcoinDay’s Latin American tour list are Peru and Colombia, which will be held in November of this year. The tour organizers are open to adding more countries and cities to the tour. Those who are interested in adding their city to the list and help organize the event can write an email to [email protected] for more information.