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An October 7 report by Hackernoon claims that Blockchain technology can be deployed in the medical space for more than just storing patient health records. According to the Stem Cell Project founder Shuji Yamaguchi there exists the possibility of a successful marriage between the stem cell project and blockchain research.

Basics of Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are a particular type of multicell found in the body which are undifferentiated and capable of developing into different kinds of cells. This means that they have the potential to regenerate, repair, and replenish other cells in the body.

Stem cell research is focused on the use of stem cells for the treatment of illness and injury. While still in its infancy, there is tremendous potential for stem cell technology to improve the quality of life for many.

A perfect example of a blockchain solution to Stem Cell research is seen in the work of Stem Cell Innovations (SCI). The company is reportedly working to create a unique platform that brings together stem cell knowledge and blockchain technology. The SCI has three significant objectives for blockchain technology to accomplish which will be examined below.

Where Blockchain Technology Comes In

Its first goal for blockchain technology is to create a collaborative network for players in the stem cell industry to facilitate the transmission of research and development around the world. According to Moe Galal, CEO and Founder of SCI, the system will be able to continuously maintain and refine this collective knowledge based on clinical results and the latest research.

The blockchain network will also function as a patient health information storage ledger. Data will be stored on the SCI blockchain and users can control which information doctors and medical organizations can access. Patients could be connected to doctors around the world and share with them the relevant aspects of their health information.

John Glavinovich, Medical Director at SCI, explains that the third significant aspect is SCI project is cord blood banking. The best stem cells are found in “cord blood,” which is blood found in the umbilical cord immediately after birth. Cord blood banking (also known as stem cell banking) is the process of collecting cord blood and cryogenically freezing its stem cells. Being able to store that blood for future use is a growing trend in medicine.

According to Shuji Yamaguchi, the potential of stem cell treatment is enormous, but like the early days of cancer researcher, the science is being held back by a lack of sufficient knowledge sharing. Once this problem is curtailed he says, there will be significant advances in stem cell research through technology.