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A televised documentary about Bitcoin (BTC) was endorsed for funding by the Agência Nacional do Cinema (ANCINE) of Brazil. The production will seek to show multiple aspects of finance, from medieval times to the era of transactions with cryptocurrency.

TV: From Gold to Bitcoin

The project, named “Do Ouro ao Bitcoin” (From Gold to Bitcoin) will be directed by Brazilian filmmaker André Canto. It will receive a contribution of more than USD 240,000 (1 million Brazilian Reais). The proposal was analyzed by ANCINE’s Superintendency of Development in June of this year, according to a local portal.

According to the synopsis published on the official website of the government institution, “From Gold to Bitcoin” is a documentary series of three chapters that will present the great movements of investment and trade throughout history. For now, this production is intended only for Brazilian television and by subscription.

According to ANCINE’s website:

“The period portrayed begins with the medieval fairs, the search for oriental spices and large navigations, and closes with the financial instruments of the globalized and digital world, in particular, the cryptocurrency and algorithmic transactions.”

The aim is to provide the public with an insight into the historical role of global trade and investment. Also, in the current context, to show the tools – such as Bitcoin – that have taken “the world of finance to another level of sophistication,” while including “sectors of the population that until now have not had the opportunity to invest and earn income.”

The financing of the series is still in the fundraising stage, which will last until December 31, 2018.

Bitcoin In The Mass Media

In film and television, cryptocurrency has become a recurring theme. Several popular television series, such as The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Family Guy, House of Cards and Silicon Valley, have touched on the subject from the perspective of fiction or humor.

In the documentary genre, several pieces produced at a global level have Bitcoin and the cryptoassets ecosystem as protagonists, as is the case of films such as the Australian “Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it” (2015), or the American “Banking on Bitcoin,” premiered for television in 2016 and then taken to the movie industry in 2017.