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American network broadcaster CBS is set to launch a 13-episode television series about cryptocurrency with the first episode airing on June 25 on the network’s WLNY New York affiliate. The show will be the first of its kind with many industry’s topics up for discussion including mining, cyber security, exchange trading, initial coin offerings, and the future outlook of the industry.

The show is the brainchild of Jason Appleton, better known by his Youtube username, Crypto Crow. Appleton is funding the show using Bitcoin. All promotions and sponsors will also pay in Bitcoin.

Approximately 7.3 million homes will have access to the first episode thanks to the network’s reach, but the show’s reach will go beyond CBS. Streaming service Roku will also carry the show and so will The CW Television Network.

The reach of the above media outlets combined means 47 million homes will have access to the show.

Appleton is funding the project thanks to revenue he’s earned from his digital marketing expertise and the 73,000 subscribers that follow his content. He sells a variety of services that allow him to fund his television production venture. Some of those services include: promoting ICO reviews on his Youtube channel, a subscription-based newsletter, a handful of online educational courses, and now the opportunity to be featured on his television show.

Appleton’s website refers to cryptocurrency in 2018 as ”the last opportunity for small investors to see substantial gains by being able to get into positions on a small budget.”

He may very well have a point and it’s obvious that with his new show lodging this summer, Appleton must have a fair amount of crypto wealth in his coffers.

Crypto Is Mainstream

While cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are still in their early development phases, for the most part, the industry itself is not a mystery anymore. While Crypto Crow’s show is the first ever crypto program on a major network, the show won’t be crypto’s first rodeo when it comes to media mentions.

Bitcoin’s Big Bang

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory is entering its 12th season this fall. The show is a rating juggernaut. The ninth episode of season 11 put Bitcoin on the map as the storyline with the main characters talking about mining.

Nano Ledger’s Billions Cameo

Billions is a dramatic TV series on Showtime where the main character Chuck Rhoades Jr., is a lawyer who chases wealthy criminals. Now in its third season, the show mentions hardware wallet Nano Ledger S in the scene where a million dollar transaction in cold storage is discussed.

Silicon Valley

No surprise here. It only makes sense cryptocurrency would be a topic of discussion on HBO’s Silicon Valley. The show is about a group of young tech entrepreneurs seeking venture capital funding for an audio compression app known as Pied Piper. A fan favorite with a huge following, the show provides witty comedy and drama, along with a somewhat realistic portrayal of what it’s like to try to make it big in the technology capital of the world.

In the latest crypto mention on the show, character Bertram Gilfoyle remarks, “there are very few things that I will defend with true passion. Medical marijuana, the biblical Satan as a metaphor for rebellion against tyranny, and…cryptocurrency.”

Johnny Crypto

Comedian John Oliver’s news-driven, hilariously funny HBO show Last Week Tonight recently fooled fans into thinking his show was ending. While the whole thing was simply meant to be a joke, Oliver didn’t hold back any punches in a recent episode all about cryptocurrency.

The episode points out that currencies without a working platform raise hundreds of millions of dollars while skirting securities laws. Oliver pokes fun at the nuances of crypto verbiage,  terms like HODL (hold on for dear life), FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) and mooning, an expression used when a cryptocurrency skyrockets in value.

He also points out the pitfalls of the people behind EOS. So much so that after the episode aired, investor Brock Pierce was axed from the project.

While not every mention of Cryptocurrency in mainstream media is positive, it’s clear that Bitcoin and its cousins are no longer a secret. Expect to see more influencers in crypto getting their own shows, and building their own brands as thought leaders in an emerging technology set to revolutionize the way value flows across the globe.

Jack Choros is a freelance journalist with Blockchain Business News Network