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LINE is Japans largest messaging app, purchased by SoftBank. Its financial backing encourages blockchain technology and technological advancements. In an effort to capitalize on LINE’s large database and its more than 164 million active users, the company intends to further leverage its LINK token. With financing of more than 10 million dollars and a newly launched crypto exchange, the company has commented that this initiative will concentrate mainly on the development of dApps that will run on the LINK blockchain.

In this sense, the plan represents one of the biggest efforts to date to incorporate blockchain into the everyday use case of messaging. That’s why the company expects the LINK token to serve as the energy to power a host of applications, from restaurant payments to online content.

On the other hand, the company commented that its goal is to make this token, and all the applications that support it, as simple to use as possible in order to attract its millions of users to the crypt-economics ecosystem.

In addition, instead of simply selling the tokens, the company announced that it would deliver them in the form of rewards to its dApps users. Also, developers could use the company’s blockchain to develop their own solutions.

Also noteworthy is the company’s ambitious plan regarding the scalability of its platform, the Linear Network. According to the announcements, LINE wants the dApps to exist on their own chains that can interact with each other. In this way, the network will be anchored to the LINK token, which would be exchanged through smart contracts.

According to the company, this platform will be fully operational by December of this year.