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Ground X’s Unveils New Blockchain Platform

Ground X, the recently launched blockchain subsidiary of South Korean internet company Kakao, has introduced the test net of its public blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’ to its partners.

According to the company’s October 8 press release, the new platform has removed all of the inconveniences traditionally associated with blockchain such as wallets and managing private keys to use said wallets. This rather innovative move represents the company’s move to lower the barriers to entry into the blockchain space for end-users.

“The popularization of blockchain requires providing a practical blockchain service for mass adoption thereby validating the value and utility of blockchain technology,”

Ground X CEO Jason Han said according to the release.

“To achieve this, Ground X has designed Klaytn that can provide an easy and friendly environment for end users, service providers and developers all at the same time.”

Klaytn also boasts high speed and performance for the decentralized apps it holds. The block interval, which takes an hour for Bitcoin and several minutes for Ethereum, has been shortened to less than 1 second with up to 1,500 transactions per second, according to Ground X.

Klaytn Puts Users First

In the release, the company explained that the design of their new platform has been tailored to prioritize both user and developer experience. The platform also features tutorials and toolkits necessary for blockchain-based service development.

Some of the toolkits made available are the Klaytn Wallet, which allows users to safely guard and transfer their tokens created on Klaytn, and KlaytnScope, which lets users monitor all activities on Klaytn including block creation and transaction. The platform also has a new feature in BLASQ, the incentivized blockchain co-work community where users’ blockchain-related questions and answers are rewarded with tokens.

According to the Korea Herald, the Klaytn testnet is currently open to approximately 10 partners in Korea and around the world. An alternative sign-up is also available on the official Klaytn website for those who are interested in using the testnet, as the mainnet blockchain network won’t launch until the first quarter of next year.