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Finding your stride in crypto will not happen in a vacuum. Tapping into first-rate opportunities before they run dry, requires a focused engagement in the conversation surrounding a given cryptocurrency.

At BBNN, we think Podcasts are an indispensable resource for keeping pace with these crucial conversations.

If you aren’t listening yet: here are some nuggets of podcast gold (crypto-wise) loaded with game-changing insights you need to hear.

Startup Hustle: Bitcoin for Dummies

If you are already fully immersed in crypto, this podcast, though it may still be an interesting listen, will cover things you already know. However, if you are a Bitcoin curious neophyte—give this a listen. As promised, the folks at Startup Hustle do a great job demystifying Bitcoin as a technology and an actual currency that people use every day. Once you get the basics down, jump over to Ep. 22 to learn what Bitcoin mining is and how it is done. Both episodes are worthwhile crash courses on the bare basics of Bitcoin.

The Third Web: The Ether Review

This series of episodes produced by The Third Web is ideal for anyone ranging from believer to critic to still undecided about Etherium. The Ether Review is a 77 episode series devoted to delving deep into everything Etherium. The result? A truly comprehensive lesson that touches on ICOs, regulation, smart contracts, and loads more. I don’t care how much you already know about Ethereum: you will learn something cool and useful from this series.  

Coin Talk: America’s Worst Crypto Traders

Aaron Lammer and Jay Kang aren’t just admittedly obsessed with crypto; they’re also candid, insightful and funny. Since Coin Talk is a relatively new podcast, it isn’t a major commitment to go back and start from the beginning, which is what I suggest you do. Otherwise, Ep.16: The Rise and Fall of Kang & Lammer, America’s Worst Crypto Traders is just great. Lammer and Kang discuss how they, like so many others, entered crypto during the 2017 bull run. The pair goes on to itemize all the stupid trading mistakes they made from FOMO buying to panic selling to taking bits of Twitter hype way too seriously. As articles, youtube videos, and Twitter feeds totting the wisdom of self-proclaimed crypto trading kings abound: this episode is a surprising, but welcomed slice of humble pie.

ICO Alert: The Round Tables

ICO Alert’s podcast is diverse in its ICO-related content but consistent in its excellent quality. Best of all, this podcast never feels like a sales pitch. Instead, episodes, especially those in the Round Table series, make the listener feel like a fly on the wall witnessing an informed and excited discussion about the space as a whole. Listen in, and you’ll see what I mean. This podcast is thoughtful, engaging, and flush with information and insider perspectives that render listeners better equipped in making their own decisions as investors. If you want to learn more about this stellar podcast and company, check out BBNN’s exclusive interview with COO Mike Finch.

Those Are Our Picks.

That is the current line-up of BBNN approved podcasts, and it has something for people ranging from total newbies to certified experts. Because no matter where you fall on the spectrum: the conversation continues.

Speaking of Conversation: How’d we do?

Did we leave out a podcast you’re obsessed with? Do you disagree with any or all of the podcasts we’ve chosen? If so, comment below.