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Helping Beginners To Learn & Traders To Earn From Their Experience has launched a simulated cryptocurrency exchange which has been designed to help beginners learn how to trade without the risk while allowing experienced traders the ability to continue to hone their skills and potentially earn money to share their knowledge.

The incredible volatility of the cryptocurrency sector has always generated mixed fortunes and results for investors and the critical distinguishing factor between losers and profiteers to date has been the capability of identifying the best trading action; whether to buy, to sell, or to hold.

The problem, until now, is that learning to trade cryptocurrencies have been a risk. For this reason alone, many have opted to avoid crypto trading completely. The simulated exchange has launched with one goal; to build a massive global community that helps educate and teach beginners how to trade through hands-on, practical guidance while also rewarding experienced traders for sharing their knowledge., an OMERS Ventures-backed OneEleven startup accelerator company, offers three unique features to beginners and experienced traders alike; a simulated exchange, a free crypto community that helps educate those interested in understanding trading, and a platform which allows experienced traders to hone their skills while also having the ability to earn money by sharing their knowledge.

Upon joining the simulated exchange, traders will gain access to $100k in play currency to be utilized for simulation of crypto asset trading, avoiding the high risks of investing their own capital in a real-world exchange and allowing for experience to be built up through the platform.

Experienced traders are also invited to join the exchange and by meeting certain thresholds and attaining various trading badges or what the team calls “Proof of Experience” are then allowed to earn real dollars by sharing their knowledge and experience with those new to trading, through a monthly Patreon type subscription model.

The team often cites their users as saying, “the platform is very much like Coinbase, meets Patreon, without the risk.” is the perfect launchpad for aspiring cryptocurrency traders looking to develop their skills and experience before investing their own capital.

The platform currently offers simulated trades for an initial selection of 10 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin with plans to introduce further altcoins in the coming weeks. Crypto projects interested in listing their tokens as trading pairs on are also invited to reach out to team directly. Aidas Keburys, Co-Founder of, has commented on the launch of the platform, stating,

“With over 1000 traders already on board and some 3000 trades posted just in BETA, we are thrilled to finally be publically launching to the world.”