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Skin care and blockchain technology have more in common than you might think. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It protects all of your other vital organs and is the aesthetic representation of who you are as a physical being. Keeping it young, strong and healthy is important.

In much the same way, blockchain technology protects the digital version of your being. It allows you to provide personal data to a product or service provider, a business partner, a friend or any other third party of your choice, but only when you decide it’s appropriate.

Blockchain ensures that the digital you is fully controlled by you. It’s the way of the future and it’s the technology that Opulabs CEO Marc Bookman aims to use to revolutionize the way information and currency are exchanged across the global skin care industry.

Bookman and his team are raising funds via a token campaign set to launch in July. The offering will provide the capital necessary to build a skincare app and accompanying ecosystem that rewards users for participating and ultimately making their skin as beautiful as nature intended.

The most important part of reaching that goal, of course, is the data. Opu singles out users as not just those that want healthier skin, but also other stakeholders in the industry, including dermatologists, skincare companies, research labs and non-medical service providers.

With such an all-encompassing goal to serve an entire industry in a way that’s never been done before, it only makes sense that Bookman’s long-term vision for the project is equally ambitious.

“Opu intends to play the role of an unbiased moderator, monitoring and transparently reporting back verified data to consumers and service providers alike. In this way, professionals will be able to gain exposure and take advantage of new income streams, while consumers will benefit from more affordable and effective skincare solutions. Ultimately, through blockchain technology, we will be able to create a robust, fair, and trustworthy global skincare marketplace.”

Marc Bookman

The marketplace and its benefits, Bookman asserts, will come to fruition via payments of OPU coins, the network’s token. Users will earn coins for submitting data about their skin to the network, for participating in clinical trials offered by doctors, and for getting users engaged with their skincare brands. Whether the user is a consumer, medical professional or company, everyone with a vested interest in skincare gains from participating.

Having consumers submit data about their skin to the platform is Opu’s unique advantage. The process of collecting the data is possible through the convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

The two will combine to offer consumers in-depth information and analysis regarding all of the finer points of having healthy skin including hyperpigmentation, redness, acne, wrinkles and skin tone by analyzing an image of the user’s face.

Bookman breaks it down further. “Our AI system does this by creating a facial map, which is divided into four regions (brow, cheek, eye, middle) and then produces a skin condition score for each region. Future versions will allow for skin scoring on other areas of the body.”

Moving forward, Bookman sees blockchain and skincare continuing to intertwine. Clinics will eventually be able to perform their day-to-day tasks via OPU’s decentralized application designs. Businesses will be able to store data for commercial use or for protecting medical records. In the long run, he hopes smart contracts and interoperability will evolve further, allowing users to maintain more and more control of their data.

Skincare is the largest segment of the beauty industry. It’s projected to be worth $190 billion by the end of 2019. Bookman and his team aim not only to get a slice of that very valuable pie, they want to give consumers, medical professionals and businesses a cut of that in a democratic fashion that only blockchain technology can provide.

Jack Choros is a freelance journalist with Blockchain Business News Network