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Ethereum Name Service(ENS) users can now purchase “.xyz” domains with a one-touch payment from their ETH wallets, smart contracts, or other payment facilitators, developer Nick Johnson announced on Sept.5 via an official blog.

.xyz On the Blockchain

As stated, the domain name purchase option arrives months after continual testing and development, and is supported on an Ethereum “mainnet,” confirms Johnson.

Put simply; a blockchain mainnet facilitates the payments between a sender and receiver – it’s where the actual transactions take place on a network. This is different from a “testnet,” where decentralized applications are tested before being deployed.

As per the point mentioned above, interested users can purchase a domain via the global Domain Name Service (DNS) and interchange it for a .eth domain – meaning linking the domain to one’s ETH wallet and smart contract, while even creating a sub-domain.

Johnson pointed out EasyDNS provides such services for new users, for whom manually adding .xyz domains could prove difficult.

Other Domains in the Pipeline

The developer added ENS support is measured out for .xyz domains as a “test drive,” before other obscure – and in-demand – domains names are attached to their list.

Johnson stated:

“Once we’ve had a chance to see how it works, we plan to roll it out to all other DNS TLDs that support the necessary features — which is almost all of them.”

For the uninitiated, the ENS service allows users to purchase simple domain names and store it with “human readable addresses,” like a simple numeric code or name, superseding the need for 20-character long alphanumeric cryptocurrency addresses.

The development makes it easy for users to transfer funds and use smart contracts catering to a broader demographic, presumably those less conversant with cryptocurrencies.

Earlier in 2018, ENS listed .eth as the first “top-level” domain on offer, making .xyz the second to follow. These developments show how quickly cyber money is taking over cyberspace.