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A free course on the development of smart contracts will be held in Spain on October 16, 17, 18. A startup called NON central HACK will be running this training, supported by RSK and DAppnode.

The course is geared towards people who have prior knowledge in programming. It is expected that a total of 100 specialized developers will be trained, who would contribute to the economic development of the Province of León.

There will be a total of nine training hours, of which six will be theoretical and dictated by Álex Casas. The module called “Money and establishing trust” will contemplate basic concepts of Bitcoin (BTC) as well as basic cryptography, double-spend, and mining. Other topics include a review of the history of $BTC and altcoins, the ICOs, the smart contracts, and their importance and the case of use of RSK.

For the three practical hours, Borja Lanza, a certified RSK developer will take charge. Lanza, after an introduction to smart contracts, will explain what Solidity and Web3 are, as well as the structure of a smart contract. In addition, the specialist will provide development tools and teach programming in Solidity.

On Twitter, the developers of the course indicated that there were more than 25 people registered on the first day of their announcement.

The Argentinean startup RSK offers educational material and certificates for the course. DAppnode, a Spanish startup, offers technical support. The Leonese Institute for Economic Development Training and Employment (ILDEFE), for its part, lent its facilities for this academic activity.

The organizers have determined that if a registered participant does not attend the entire course, then he or she will not be able to participate in future activities. Additionally, they have added a fun revenge” that will be carried out through social media for those who stop attending. They have also pointed out that, although the course is free, they expect participants to make a voluntary donation, a product of the value generated in the future thanks to the course.

Earlier this week, another Spanish initiative for teaching cryptoassets was announced. However, the course offered by IEBS will take place in February next year and will be delivered online.